Since 1977, VCU and NAFA have led the nation in nurse anesthesia education – for students, career CRNAs, and advanced practitioners and faculty.

NAFA was founded in 1977 in conjunction with the historic move of incorporating nurse anesthesia education into the framework of formal graduate education. In 1979, VCU became the first program in the nation to award a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesiology, and less than three decades later became the first to develop and implement the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice. Continuing education serves as our third focus of a “triangle” devoted to nurse anesthesia education.

Since the start, we’ve taken a different course when it comes to nurse anesthetist education. We broke away from the traditional predominance of all-physician lecturers. Instead, participating faculty struck a balance between anesthesiologists and CRNA educators and clinicians. Our approach is in line with the educational philosophy that a profession takes responsibility for setting standards for scope of practice and ensures members achieve necessary knowledge and clinical skills. And we have a little fun along the way, too, with travel to exciting destinations.

Along the way, we’ve incorporated some fun into our conferences, with travel to exciting destinations, including our most popular conference in Walt Disney World. Advancing patient safety has always been a priority for NAFA, and to that end, we’re always staying one step ahead of research and trends. In 2018, we again helped usher in a new era for continuing education, embracing 24/7 connectivity with the launch of NAFA Now, which offers online CE programs accessible on any device.

Sights from NAFA events

Conferences and curriculum created with you in mind.

Our experienced faculty present cutting-edge topics and issues that emphasize current clinical practices and enhance the quality of care for anesthesia patients. Our exciting travel destinations mean you’ll earn continuing education credits that meet recertification requirements while soaking up the sun, exploring the living history of Williamsburg or visiting the most magical place on earth.  And with a portion of profits from our training sessions going toward student scholarships, attending a NAFA conference means you also support the next generation of nurse anesthetists. Explore our latest conferences.

When choosing between continuing education options, we hope you will consider comparing the Quality of the event, including the number and credentials of faculty and the features of our fine venues; the Value for your dollar in number of and cost per credits provided; and the responsive and timely Service our faculty and staff provide to you as a customer and to our specialty in that your support of NAFA events is used in part to fund student fellowships for the next generation of anesthesia providers. If you need more information or want to talk to us about the programs, give us a call at (804)-828-6734.

We’re passionate about making patient safety real.
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The speakers are interesting, up to date, innovators in their fields. The setting is gorgeous. The speakers always take care and time to answer any and all questions. And the topics help practitioners do their jobs better.

-Melissa Davis, CRNA

NAFA is the continuing education arm of the VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia, ranked the nation’s top program for the nurse anesthesiology specialty by U.S. News & World Report.